New~Old Me aka Champ
Do Not Quit
Location Grandview, WA
Age 43
Gender Female
Interests the gym
Smoke? I do not smoke
Drink? I rarely drink
Education Some college
Favorite movies Rocky Series~Blind Side~Chariots of Fire~Friday Night Lights~Warrior
Favorite music Rock~ Country~ Hip Hop...Nickleback...Shinedown...Cold Play.....are a few of my Faves
Oh gosh...Hmmm?
I am 43
A mom of 4
A grandma of 1

Have had 5+ surgeries. 4 total ACL repairs.

I am 100 plus pounds overweight.

I have tried and failed weight loss in the past 15 yrs. Prior to the past 15 yrs, I was active and healthy. Played yrs of Basketball, Volleyball and track. Some weight lifting, rode horses religiously. I have a very athletic background....was always on the go.

I lost my state job due to my last 2 surgeries and have been on L and I (work related injury-ACL tear).
I went thru 3 rounds of physical therapy and can not return to my job. Therefor I have been sent back to school at the age of 43 to be retrained in Sedetary work.

My life has changed dramatically in the past 2 yrs.

Job loss, surgeries, college, going thru a divorce, kids off to college, grandbaby.... Lots of stress and decisions having to be made.

I have had to prioritize....Find a balance....Put the past behind me.

I have a long road ahead of me. Lots of changes in the months to come.

Looking forward to the New...Old...ME ;-)
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