Renegade Mom
Location Aliso Viejo, CA
Age 49
Gender Female
Interests my children, high school baseball and football, running, martial arts, training, reading, golfing
Smoke? I do not smoke
Drink? I occassionally drink
Education Graduated college / Over 4 years
Favorite movies Not specified
Favorite music Not specified
Hmmmm. I thought I wrote this already? Forgive me if it appears somewhere else. I am an almost 50 year old single mom of two. I got divorced in 2012 after a long and drawn out process of "trying to save my marriage for my kids sake". 2012 was a terrible year. In 2013, I rebounded quite nicely. I found happiness with and without my kids. I went back into the work world after having a home office for 13 years. Bought a new house, a new car, made new friends......really kept busy rebuilding. 2014 is my year of self discovery. I am a lifetime athlete and am very comfortable, in fact love, love, love training at the gym. I think the gym saved me in 2012 from going crazy. I also deal with emotions through stress eating. I have spent many years just on the edge of where I would like to be, 10/20 pounds from my goal. I have travelled to the goal a few times and have not been able to maintain because I haven't fixed the way I think and deal. 2014 is my year. My goal is to be mindful. To nourish my body and my soul. Ready to write a new chapter.
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