Erin Keith
Location Bettendorf, IA
Age 32
Gender Female
Interests Photography, Family
Smoke? I occassionally smoke
Drink? I rarely drink
Education Graduated college / 2-year / AA
Favorite movies Shaw Shank Redemption, Beaches, The Doors
Favorite music Everything!!!
December 1, 2010 Profile Info
I am a mother to three kiddos and married to a wonderful man. I started with Max Muscle in September after having had an "Intervention" with my mom. She called me one day and told me that she was taking me out for an early birthday present. When she got to my house, she came in and told me to sit down and that we needed to talk first. She starts the conversation with..."You know I love you." At this point my husband starts crying and then I start crying, even though I have NO IDEA what we were crying about! She then proceeds to go outdoors and bring in her neighbor, Teresa Bravata, who I have been great friends with since high school. My whole birthday present was taking me to Max Muscle and getting me a nutrition plan and Teresa had volunteered to help me along in the workout process.
Everyone in my family could see that I was unhealthy, depressed and "not myself" anymore. I used to be an outgoing, fun loving, life of the party type of girl and that all changed when I put on so much weight. I was sick quite often and lived in my big & baggy pajamas. The only time I would get dressed was if I had a photo shoot that day. Otherwise, I stayed home to work in the most comfortable clothes that I could find.

Since starting in September, I have dropped 20 lbs (down 30 lbs, now!) and feel like an entirely new person. No longer do I have to lay down in my bedroom under the ceiling fan just to cool off since I sweat so bad just trying to get ready in the morning. Running up and down problem anymore! I have found a new piece of me that was missing somewhere underneath all those clothes. My husband will now get all his XL shirts back, too!

I am thrilled to be continuing this journey with the Max Formation Competition! I can't wait to see how hard that I can push myself and to watch others doing the same.

Congratulations to everyone who has signed up for this awesome time in our lives!


May 29, 2011 Profile Update

Wow! What a journey I have been on these past few months! I was reading back through my first profile entry and thought to myself, "I have learned so much that I really need to put who I really am now!"
1. I am a mother.
2. I am a wife.
3. I am a photographer.
4. I am healthy.
5. I'm a gym rat.
6. I love my Max Muscle protein shakes.
7. I wear a size 5 NOT an 18.
8. I weigh 135.5 lbs NOT 190.5.
9. My body fat is no longer 41% OBESE. I'm currently at 17.2%.
10. I enjoy wearing clothes that show off my arms.
11. I am happy and am no longer sitting on the couch eating a bowl of ice cream on a Friday night in my "fat clothes".
12. I do not share clothes with my husband anymore.
13. When I go shopping, I head straight to the smalls.
14. I have more energy and can play outside with my children.
15. I have friends who have the same goals as me to help me along the way.
16. I have a family that is supportive and encourages me to push myself to my limits.
17. I have inspired many others to turn their lives around. Every day I help someone else start their journey to a healthier new lifestyle. I'm rewarded by seeing them have hope for their futures!
18. I am going to be working on becoming a Certified Personal Trainer so that I can inspire more individuals and families live a healthier & happier lifestyle.
19. I AM a National Promoter for Max Muscle Sports Nutrition. :)
20. I am a non-smoker!
21. My dad died at the age of 49 of a heart-attack. I WILL NOT be following in his footsteps!


Body Fat: WAS 39.3% NOW 17.2%

NOW 112.20 lbs of Lean Mass
NOW 23.30 lbs of Fat Mass

Neck: WAS 13 NOW 11.25
Chest: WAS 42 NOW 33.25
Arm: WAS 13 NOW 10.5
Abdominal: NOW 26.5
Waist: WAS 40 NOW 29.5
Hips: WAS 40 NOW 33.0
R. Thigh: WAS 23 NOW 19.0
Calf: WAS 14 NOW 13.0

Hugs, Clarity & Strength....Erin Keith

December 2012 Update
Unfortunately, I was unable to keep up with my new lifestyle after the MaxFormation 2011. I put on 30 lbs after having not followed a clean eating pattern. I quit working out and fell back into my old routines. I know that I am not alone, as we all have our struggles with the yo-yo weight, but I am truly disappointed in myself. I busted my butt to get to where I ended up in June and I just threw it all away. I am back for another year and will really be focusing on my nutrition this time, which seems to be my downfall. I wish all of you luck in this endeavor you have taken upon yourself. Stay focused and do not let any drama get in they way of your success!
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