Christina B.
Location West Des Moines, IA
Age 39
Gender Female
Interests Scuba Diving, Rollar Coasters & even working out!
Smoke? I do not smoke
Drink? I rarely drink
Education Some college
Favorite movies Anything Carebears, at least, that's all I watch lately!!! (love my 3 year old!)
Favorite music Like, anything 80's, fer sure :)

Made Top 25 in the 2012 Maxformation for the 2nd year!!!!!

Now,,,, I'm done!!!!!!! I'm Bulimia free and have never felt better about my body and myself!!!

2012 Maxformation Results!!!

My goal this year was to get down to 15% body fat, then re-evaluate. So let’s see how I did!!! I put down my change from both the start of the 2012 Maxformation and the 2011 Maxformation to get the full impact!!!!!

Final Results - June 25, 2012

123 lbs (down 9lbs from 2012 Maxformation start, down 22.5 lbs from 2011 Maxformation start!!!)

Biceps R/L – 10, 10 (-.5 each from 2012 MF start, - 1.5 each from 2011 MF start)
Chest – 33 (-1 from 2012 MF start, -6 from 2011 MF start)
Waist – 25 (-3 from 2012 MF start, -7.5 from 2011 MF start!!!!!!!!!!)
Hips – 32 (-2 from 2012 MF start, -6 from 2011 MF start)
Thighs R/L – 19, 19.5 (-1.5 each from 2012 MF start, -4 from each from 2011 MF start)

In case you were not counting, that’s 10 inches lost since Dec. 2011 and 26.5 inches lost total from Dec. 2010!!!!!

Body Fat – 15.82% (-3.32% from 2012 MF start, -7.88% from midpoint 2011 Maxformation, I never got it checked from the very start and wish I had!!!!)

This has been a 2 year journey for me and I can say I’m finally in a GREAT place. My goal this year was to get down to 15% BF and then re-evaluate.

I made it to the 15% range and I have to say I’m quite pleased!!!!! . I finally LOVE how I feel and I LOVE how I look in the mirror.

More importantly, I’m happy that I finally freed myself from my 20+ year battle with Bulimia!!!! This has improved my health and well-being more than losing some body fat ever could!!

Thank you to everyone who motivated me and helped keep me on track this year!!!!!

***So appreciative and proud to have been chosen one of the additional 5 to round out the Maxformation 2011 Top 25!!!!***

Final Results:!

My goal when I started this competition was to finally be comfortable in my own skin again. To not have to search for lose fitting shirts and constantly tug at them then sitting to help disguise my stomach. To not have to keep telling myself, “It’s okay, I may not be where I want to be now, but I’m sure in 6 months I’ll be perfect”, and of course, never getting there. Sure I wanted to be back to 132 lbs like I was 10 years ago (and I will proudly say I have surpassed that goal!!), sure I’d like to have low body fat (but not too low!).

I can now say, on 6/22/2011, that I am comfortable again in my skin. I am Happy!!!! Now that doesn’t mean I’m done!!! My next 6 month goal is to get down to 15% body fat (don’t want to lose ALL the curves!!!).

June 20, 2011 stats:

130 lbs
Arms – 10, 10.5
Chest - 34
Waist - 26
Hips - 33
Right Thigh - 21
Left Thigh - 20.5
BodyFat - 17.47%

Since Dec. 18, 2010:

Total lbs lost - 15.5 (not much, but to a shorty like me, it’s a LOT!!!)
Total Inches lost – 23 (here’s the # that makes the difference!!)
Total BF lost since March, 17, 2011 - 6.23%

June 2, 2011 Update!!

WOW, are we here already? It’s been an awesome journey, getting to witness some awesome transformations, both physical and mental.

Well, here’s my stats as of now (remember, not don yet!!!). You can see my starting stats below in my April Update:

As of May 30, 2011:

Weight 132.10 – down 13.4 lbs
BodyFat – 18.64%!!!. Down 3.35% from March 17th (I didn’t check at the beginning just out of pure fear!!)
Arms – 10.5/11
Chest 34 – down 5 inches (but only where it counts ha-ha!!!)
Waist – 26 – down 6.5 inches (yippee!!!)
Hips – 34 – down 4 inches!!
Right Thigh – 21 – down 2 inches
Left Thigh – 20.5 – down 2 inches

So my total inches lost since Dec. 18th is,,,,,,, 21!!!!! I’m so happy with that!!!!! The scale could say whatever it wants, but measurements don’t lie!!!

I don’t know that there’s much more I could add to my April 28th update. I’m just so happy that I started this challenge and have gotten the chance to meet so many great people and see so many lives changed!!!

And again, I'm not done yet!!!

May 20, 2011 Update:

Today, on my 38th birthday, I hit my 10 year ago weight of 132!!! It’s all gravy from here (of course, not really gravy, but maybe EVOO & Balsamic Vinegar, yeah, that’s healther!!)!!

Life is Great!!!

April 28th 2011 update:

Wow, I haven’t read my original profile since the day I wrote it back in December!!! (below). I’ve made some great changes since then, both physically and emotionally. There was a reason I stumbled upon an issue of Max Sports & Fitness and opened up the front cover to see a picture of Maria Adelus looking back at me saying, “You can so do this, look at me, I did it!!!”. Well, maybe it was the greasy McDonald’s coma I was in that caused the magazine to “talk” to me!!!! Or maybe it was something else.

I am a believer of no coincidences. I picked up that issue for a reason. I saw the MaxFormation for a reason. I took the plunge for a reason. We are ALL here for a reason. This may not be my competition to win, or maybe it is. Maybe I’m here to help someone else through their struggles. I may never know. But that’s okay. I’m here and that’s what matters right now!!!

I’ve accumulated some awesome, encouraging MM friends since December 18th & I thank you all!!!!

Starting stats: Dec. 18, 2011

Weight – 145.5
BF – unsure, was too self conscience to have someone poke at my fat. Now, I wish I had done it!! But on 3/17/11, it was 23.70%.
Arms – 11.5
Chest – 39
Waist – 32.5
Hips – 38
Right Thigh – 23
Left Thigh – 22.5

Current stats – April 28, 2011

Weight – 136 (yippee!!) (I adjusted this up to match my MM Bodyfat check,,,,stark naked in the morning it's 135,,,,but whose keeping track, right!!)
BF – 21.99% (awesome!!)
Arms – 10.5R/11L (getting tighter!!)
Chest – 34 (the good part is still there (he-he)!!)
Waist – 27 (still got a bit of this apple to chew away!!)
Hips – 34 (hmm, right in line with chest!)
Thighs – 21 (I’m cool with that!! I’m seeing more definition in my legs than I ever have!!)

Yes, my attitude is much different that when I first started. I wouldn’t say I’ve changed, I’d say my “normal” self is just finally coming back!!!!

So in case you weren’t adding that all up, that’s 9.5 ugly pound and 19.5 icky inches,,,,GONE!!!! FOR GOOD!!!!! And I’m NOT done yet!!!!! To be continued…………….

Original December 18, 2010 Profile

I'm a 37 year old mom of a 3 year old daughter (going on 16!). I have a wonderful husband of 12 years. I work in finance (on my butt all day), my husband is a chef (yes, the kind that cooks with butter, cream, pretty much anything that tastes good, but not good for you!!)

I've had weight issues all my life & an eating disorder for about 20 years now. I got into great shape about 10 years ago and during that time was able to overcome the eating disorder, but life & pregnancy put a damper on all that. Now I'm ready to be that healthy, fit person again.

I've admired the fit, muscular female form (fitness/figure competition type) since I picked up a popular women's fitness magazine back in 1998 (I'll admit I have a girl crush on Jamie Eason, although Maria Adelus,,,WOW, what a transformation!). Rather than continue to admire others from afar, I'm ready to be the person who motivates others.

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