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Location Portland , OR
Age 41
Gender Female
Interests Arthritis Foundation, reading, hiking, movies, music
Smoke? I do not smoke
Drink? I rarely drink
Education Some college
Favorite movies Not specified
Favorite music Anything I can dance to
Let me first say it is great to be back!!!

I’m a 41 yr old, single mother who works at a job where I sit for 8 to 10 hrs a day. Four years before I started my job, I was unemployed for a year and unable to find work so I spent 2 hrs a day working out.

I would cardio in the mornings and lift in the evenings 4 to 5 times a week just to keep myself from going completely insane from the lack of work at that time. I had started the 2010 MaxFormation and in 4 short months I had dropped 45 lbs and was feeling amazing but 4 months into my transformation I started working 45 miles away from home and 10 hr days. This meant I was gone approximately 12 hrs a day and so I dropped out of the 2010 competition.

See I love carbs and working for a hospital you would think we eat Clean and Healthy right? Not always the case, there is the infamous Candy Basket in my department that is there as our clinics “Stress reliever” luckily I've recently changed desks and am no longer in the same proximity of the “Stress Reliever.” Our break room is also full of goodies each month and more so in the holiday months. The snack shack down in the lobby makes for an easy and quick latte and 500 calorie salad or bagel or soup.

I gain back 20 lbs and was in denial as my clothes were telling me that I really needed a bigger size. September 2011 my youngest and I moved about 10 minutes away from work and I had gone to 8 hour days. I had a plan, we were going to join a local gym and lose those 20 lbs but in October my youngest son at the age of 11 became very ill. In November he was hospitalized and then diagnosed with Systemic Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis.

My perfect plan of more time with my youngest son and getting back to the gym went right out the door; I was now faced with the unknown. Months went by, many doctor appointments, infusions, sleepless nights, quick foods, hospital food and an abundance of stress and I packed on another 85 lbs.

On July 13, 2012 I went to see my doctor and I weighed in at an all time high of 278.02. At that time I knew I needed to do something about my weight so I started to take diet pills, powders and potions from one of those “Get Skinny Quick companies”. I had convinced myself that was the way to go with my “New Kind of Normal” type lifestyle of changing PICC bandages for my son weekly and flushing his PICC line throughout the week, not to mention trying to work a full time job and take him to all his appointments. I didn't care; the only thing that mattered was getting my son to a better quality of life.

Although I lost weight on those products I could not keep up the cost of purchasing them along with the medical bills. So I stopped taking them and stayed mindful of what I was eating, no matter what though I could not drop below 250 lbs.

UPDATE 2/24/14: My son has been declared in remission now for 11 months and I am fully focused on getting myself healthy both physically and mentally. I’ve got my meals in line and my workouts are going great.

Come join me for the 2014 Max Muscle Formation.
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