Waiting for 2016.........
Location Eldridge, IA
Age 52
Gender Male
Interests Spending time with my family, building my relationship with God, fishing, hunting and trying to get back into shape....
Smoke? I do not smoke
Drink? I occassionally drink
Education Graduated college / 4-year / BA
Favorite movies Rocky, Band of Brothers, We Were Soldiers, Brave Heart, Lonesome Dove, John Wayne & the Cowboys, Natl. Lampoon's Vacation. And although they're not movies, The Andy Griffith Show and Everybody Loves Raymond
Favorite music I recently started listening to Christian music on Positive and Encouraging KLove. I still enjoy country music, Classic Rock, Beach Boys music, Glenn Miller type music and anything from the 50's
MaxFormation 2014 Update 01/04/14

I'm a 51 year old man, who's married to the strongest, most inspirational woman in the world, with two kids in their 20's and a 14 year old going on 25!!

I've been a stress eater all my life, which doesn't help since I have a very stressful job. I have high blood pressure that is controlled through medication. I also have a family history of heart disease, diabetes, and strokes.

My wife, LaNae, aka NurseNae, is also a MM community member and the better half of Team Ramos!! As a 4 1/2 year breast cancer survivor, she has been my go to person for inspiration. Because of her cancer journey I've learned to see life and family time as very precious commodity. I've also tried to live the best I can one day a time, but have to be reminded of this from time to time. A drawback to this life philosophy is that I also have a tendency to tell myself that "life is short...go ahead and eat this or that".....

I've been a MM community member since March 2012 and participated in MaxFormation 2013, with my wife. I set some lofty goals for myself last year but didn't come close to achieving them. There were several reasons for this and all of them were because of me. I took way too many liberties with cheat meals, tried to workout harder than my body could handle or would allow, which would cause me to hurt and lose motivation. I also never set small weekly or monthly goals for myself to keep me motivated.

So this year I have new goals to achieve. Like everyone else I want to lose weight and body fat, which doesn't get any easier with age!!

I not only want to achieve these goals for me, but I want to be able to show others, who are close to my age, that it can be done. I hear so many people say "I'm too old to get in shape or I'm too (fill in the blank)".

With a family history of heart disease, high blood pressure. diabetes and strokes, I also NEED to do this for my family. My youngest daughter is 14 and I want to see her graduate high school and college. My middle daughter is 20 and I want to see her wedding someday. My oldest is 23 and will be getting married in the near future, so I have his wedding and grand babies to see.

More than anything, my wife and I promised each other years ago that we would grow old together. She also reminds me that I promised her white rocking chairs for us to sit in while we enjoy our twilight years.

In other words, I have a lot to live for and I believe MaxFormation 2014 can help me do this. Besides, who doesn't want to win $25,000!!!! Talk about a stress relief!!!

But no matter what happens. Win, Lose or Draw. My pledge to you, my family and myself, is this I am GIVING IT MY ALL WITH NO REGRETS!!

MaxFormation 2013 Update 12/19/12

My struggle with weight is a struggle I have endured since early childhood. There are many reasons this occurred at such an early age and as this journey continues I hope to share some of these reasons and let go of the demons that have held a grip on my life for so long.

After joining the Max Muscle website last March, I posted a bio that I thought told my story. As I read it over again, I began to think this is only part of my story. So I decided to do an update, but didn’t quite know where to begin.

I guess like most, the best place to start is at the beginning.

I’m not really sure I should go all the way back to May 11, 1962 and bore you with all the mundane “this is my life” details. If you’ve done the math, however, you will see that I am 50 years old.

“Old". God, I hate that word.

Anyway, my name is George a.k.a. Paladin 4048. One day, if you’re at all interested, I’ll let you in on how I came up with my tag. I’m married and have been for over 26 years. My beautiful bride’s name is LaNae a.k.a. NurseNae. She, too, is a MaxFormation 2013 participant. Look her up and friend her, if you haven't already done so. She’s a great friend to have. Trust me, I know.

We have 3 kids. A 22 year old Criminal Justice Major named Justin. A 19 year old future Iron Chef named Allyssa. And just turned teenager, (13 on Dec. 17th) named Alexis.

Why am I here and why did I sign up for MaxFormation 2013? Because I missed the deadline for MaxFormation 2012, that’s why! But I’m okay with that. You see, I was ready for a change and wanted to lose weight, but I wasn’t really ready to TRANSFORM all of me, at the time. Like many others who have struggled with weight their entire lives, I wanted to lose weight. That was it! Nothing else!

So in March 2012, LaNae and I walked in to our local QCA Max Muscle and talked with Karen Herkes. We got set up on meal plans, bought some MaxPro and other supplements and began our journey to weight loss. But like I said earlier, I wanted to change and lose weight, but I wasn’t committed to transforming ME.

And who am I?

I’m the “short chubby kid”, who’s Mom bought him clothes in the husky section at Sears, that’s who. I didn’t start out chubby though, but at a very early age “slim, slender and regular” size clothes, for me, began to slowly fade away. For as far back as I can remember I would often overhear relatives tell my parents “look at him, he’s getting so heavy”. Wow, does that still sting today, when I think back to all those times…’standing there as a child with fingers pointing at me from all directions, pointing out my obvious flaw’. I guess that’s one of the things I want to transform, forget about and be done with and move on.

So it’s no secret. From an early age, I was heavy, overweight, husky, chubby, chunky, fat or whatever else you would call it.

As years went by it also became obvious that I would not grow much taller than I already was and was not very coordinated either. Because of this I did not excel at team sports like my brothers did. Again and again, I would relive the sting of being picked last for whatever team sport was being played, at the time, and endured more finger pointing at my obvious flaws.

Like many who turn to food for solace, I began to find comfort in food. Food meant happiness, happiness meant no more sadness and no more sadness meant I didn’t have to think about being short, chubby and uncoordinated.

In 7th grade, at the ripe old age of 13, I discovered a set of sand filled plastic weights, in our basement, and began my journey of weightlifting. Within a short time, I was the envy of several friends, who wanted to bench press their own weight of 60, 70, 80 or 90 pounds. It was great that I could bench press my weight, at 105 lbs. But little muscle definition, on a kid who was short, wasn’t exactly very eye appealing.

In high school, after watching the movie Rocky, I discovered boxing and running. Boxing was okay, but a fighter doesn’t do too well if most of the punches are blocked with his face. Ouch! But running I could do. And running I did. Running and weightlifting, weightlifting and running.

And eating……..

As the years continued, the roller coaster ride of weight loss, weight gain, weight loss, greater weight gain, weight loss and even greater weight gain would also continue.

Along the way, I also began my career in Law Enforcement, which I’ve enjoyed, for the most part, for 26+ years. During this time, I’ve endured several injuries that have kept me on the “sidelines of life” for a considerable time. Some injuries were work related, others the result of overtraining, and one was from “trying to live like I was dying”. But that’s another story.

Needless to say, the injuries, some resulting in surgical repairs, have only compounded the problem. If I was ever in any kind of decent shape and got injured, it was only a matter of time before my weight would slowly creep back up. My other problem is these old injuries lead to aches and pains today, which are in addition to the ones I have from simply aging.

Which leads me to today….

As I mentioned earlier, I am 50 years old and absolutely hate that word “old”. I hear it almost every day now. Sometimes, in jest and sometimes not, but my problem with the word comes from inside me. Again, something I hope to transform and forget about.

You see, when I turned 49 and saw 50 on the horizon I began to think “this is it…I’m done…it’s over and I’m out to pasture”. A lot of my thinking came from seeing so many others in their 50’s, who not only looked old, but acted old. And I was afraid that was going to be me. I even resigned from work related positions, because “it was time for the young ones to take over”.

So in July 2011, 2 months after my 49th birthday, and weighing almost as heavy as I’d ever been—210 lbs, I proclaimed “things were going to change”. And they did for awhile, but not for long. The negative thoughts returned and I began to think, “I am too old…I will never lose weight ever again and the ever elusive 6 pack that I had chased for so long would never be”……

Then 50 came and, well, you know my thoughts on that.

But now MaxFormation 2013 is here and I’m signed up. You may be asking “why is this time different”?

Because after waiting for 50 years, I AM FINALLY READY…..

Yes, it’s true I want to lose weight, along with excess body fat. Body fat is something I’ve never been able to lower. Karen Herkes, from QCA Max Muscle, believes I can do it and a small part of me believes I can too. But these are only the physical aspects.

I truly believe to transform I must work on ridding myself of all the negative [email protected] that got me here. That led me to eat and do all the unhealthy things I did whenever “life got tough”. The things that led me to believe I would always be the “short chubby kid”.

I know I can’t physically change “short”, but I can physically change “chubby”.

I also know I can’t physically change “kid” because no one can stop the aging process. But I sure can continue to live my life like a kid, and always be a “kid at heart”……..

Paladin 4048

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