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For the majority of Americans, the start of a new year always brings about the same promise, “I going to lose weight and go on a diet”. The first of the year always looks promising and then within weeks, the pledge the majority of us made, is later broken. In the beginning of the year, I was determined not to fall into the same trap. In previous years, I would start the year off strong and then weeks later the motivation to change would die off. This was going to be the last time that I made this promise and did not follow through; there comes a time when you have to say to yourself “enough is enough”. You have to come to the reality that, if you want to make a change for tomorrow you have to start today. Inspired by this phrase, I told myself this was going to be the year when I lived by this motto. So I started my journey like every other person in the beginning of the year, this year was going to be different, and different it was!

The Beginning

When I started to work out again I knew that I was going to lose some weight, but I did not know how much I was going to lose. I knew that I was tired of living the lifestyle that I had been living for the last 7 years. To make changes that would last, I knew that I was going to have to start with my diet first; which meant giving up soda, cookies, fast food and the extra helpings at dinner. I knew this was going to play a big part in the success of losing weight. I also knew that I was going to have to put in a significant amount of training. I had to start small and then build up from there. I had to accept the fact that I was not the athlete that I had been the majority of my life. I had to understand that I was a fallen athlete and I was going to have to make small baby steps in order to make the gains that I wanted to see. I thought if I can just lose 10 or 12 pounds I would feel satisfied. As the weeks went on, things started to look on the up and up. I was eating differently and I started to lose a little bit of weight here and there. At this time, it was the end of January and I had lost ten pounds. I thought to myself this feels good, but I was used to that, work hard for a couple of weeks and then give up. I really did not have any incentive to lose weight; I was 28, happily married to a gorgeous woman, why did I need to stay in shape?

One Day

One day as I was leaving the gym and I noticed a table full of fitness magazines. Realizing that I had read the majority of the magazines on the table I reached for the magazine that I had not yet read. The magazine that I picked up was the January issue of Max Muscle. After looking through the magazine I came across an advertisement for the 2010 Max Formation Contest and a picture of 2009 winner Toni Warwick. My first reaction was, “wow this lady looks like a whole new person.” As I read further I noticed that you could sign up online. What made the deal even better was the first prize was $25, 000. At this point, this was enough incentive for losing weight. I figured I might as well try; I do not have anything to lose. So I went online that night and signed up.

In the beginning of the contest I was a little hesitant about posting pictures online. Who wants to expose themselves to the whole world, its bad enough my wife has to look at me without my shirt, but now the whole world. After much consideration I thought, “If I post these fat pictures of myself online there is no turning back.” I would need to lose the weight, in order to not look like an idiot. For me it was a big risk, fat boy pictures that my students could Google and post to their face book, how embarrassing. I said no way. Change must occur. At this point there was no turning back.

Trips to the Max

My first shopping experience at Max Muscle was different than shopping at other sports and nutrition stores; I actually felt like the workers were genuine in helping me and not just selling me a product. I was always hesitant about buying supplements in sports and nutrition stores, in the past I have taken weight loss products from other companies and have not seen any results. As a result of this experience, I only bought one product. After taking Therm XX for a month, I was extremely happy with my purchase. By the second month, I went back in and bought more products. What I realized after my first visit was that I was going to need to take more than just one product in order to make the changes that I wanted to see. Every month I would stop in Max Muscle to purchase more products and discuss my experiences with the employees, especially with Shelby McDaniel, the nutrition specialist at that location. Shelby helped me to understand that I was not just spending money on supplements but rather investing in a healthier lifestyle.

The Problem

As the contest went on, more and more weight started to come off until there was a problem when I went in for a weigh in. The problem was I was losing weight but I was storing body fat. At this point I thought I was doing everything right, how could this happen? How could this be? Shelby explained to me that I was not taking in enough calories. This was such an eye opening experience for me. Everything that I thought I knew about weight lose was wrong. Shelby and her expertise really gave me a better understanding about nutrition.

By Myself

One of the attributes that set my transformation apart from the others is the fact that I was able lose the 70 pounds without the help of a trainer. I often imagine what my body would look like, if I had a personal trainer to help me during my transformation. Personal trainers are extremely helpful with their wealth of knowledge, experience, encouragement and motivation that they share with their clients. It’s not the fact that I do not want a trainer, but rather hiring a trainer did not fit into my family’s budget.

Another attribute that set my transformation apart from others is the fact that I did not have the resources to spend on countless supplements. I would have loved to spend 300 to 400 dollars on a variety of supplements; however I had to make sure that I did not spend over what was in my family’s budget. At the same time though, I had to make sure I took the minimal of three supplements per month in order to stay eligible to win the competition. I had to do the best with what I had, so I had to make my purchases wisely. There were months where I could remember that my wife would question me about spending so much on supplements. But as my transformation went on, she saw it as an investment in my well being.

Inspiring Others

The one thing I would like my transformation to symbolize; is hope. I want people to look at my transformation and feel inspired and want to change their lifestyle. I want people to know with a strong work ethic and determination; they can make a change to their body. The Max Muscle supplements worked to speed up my transformation, but without putting in the hard work, my transformation would not have been possible. I want people to realize that I am just the average Joe; I am not a superhero or an individual that should be put on a pedestal, but rather an American who is cut from the same fabric as every other American who works hard and has determination. We all look different on the outside but the thing that make us all the same, that makes us unique as Americans, is the never die attitude. My transformation represents the ability to make a way out of no way. My transformation is a living testimony that if you want to make a change for tomorrow you have to start today. I want people to know that you do not have to go to a fancy gym or pay for the best trainer. Your transformation starts in you, you have to want to change, but change takes action. As I look back at my transformation I realized that it had its ups and downs. But one thing remained the same, I had the good old American attitude, I was determined to never give up!

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