mark dann
This is my third year ! and each year I have learned something, and now I am fortunate enough that now the things I have learned I am able to train and teach other people. I'm a person that believes anything is possible. !!!
Location Clinton, IA
Age 46
Gender Male
Interests playing with my grandkids, softball and playing my drums
Smoke? I do not smoke
Drink? I rarely drink
Education High school graduate / GED
Favorite movies any action
Favorite music jazz, country, classic rock and the 80's
Hi my name is Mark Dann, I am a father of 3 wonderful kids and a Papa of six grand kids, this is my third year of this great contest Each year I have been a been a winner ! and so is everybody else that has participated.
life has a lot of ups and downs and that's how we grow and make us stronger.
this year I am out to build, the first year I was out to loose and I did, I lost 116 pounds.
I am a big believer that anything is possible.
I am also a YES or NO kinda guy, it is not maybe or I'm going to try or think about it.
It is YES I WILL !!!
I participate in different activities such as races, biking, obstacle courses and stair climbs.
I will be the first to tell you I'm not strong or I'm not fast but I will always finish !!!!
I am out to reach my goals and I will finish & reach my goals.
So best of luck to everyone this year, and GOD BLESS !!!
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