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Meeting cool folks inspires me to set higher goals for 2015!

October 04, 2014 7:30am

Very cool story sisters & brothers... about a guy our relay team in the Quad cities marathon met last Sunday morning before race.

A guy was walking by and we started talking a bit. One of the girls noticed the screen print on his shirt. "50 states marathon club".

My team mate asks him " you ran a marathon in every state? Hawaii and Alaska too?"

He said yes.

"When did you start running marathons?"

He said "when I turned 54."

We were in awe...he was 72 now.

I later looked him up on google because anybody like that had to be wrote about. Several newspaper artles. He has actually ran at least 2 marathons in each of the 50 states, 18 Boston marathons (plans to complete 25) and has ran a marathon on and 7 continents! He ran last Sunday's Quad Cities marathon at a mile pace of 10:22!!!

Goes to show nobody is too old to be awesome and do amazing things...never too late to start!

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