MANDIRIGMA on a OVERCOME to the MAX's Journal

Don't sit back, don't get comfortable

February 07, 2014 5:40pm

“Every day, you must do something you don't want to do. Challenge yourself to be uncomfortable, push past the laziness and fear.” ~from Relentless by Tim S. Grover

It's always been my belief that in training you need to do things that are NOT comfortable. I always refer to example from back in my fighting days. In preparation you watch tapes of your opponent. Lots of time their specialty just may be a weakness or a hole in your game. Naturally we tend to gravitate toward our strengths, and get better at what we already do well. It's comforting to feel like you “kick ass” all the time.

Well always being the “ass kicker” will not help you grow. You need to not feel so comfy cozy all the time. You NEED to not be the toughest guy in the room and you need to get your ass kicked to grow, to get better. Same goes with “leg day” or “shoulders day” or whatever your Achilles’s heel may be.

Put yourself in uncomfortable positions in fighting gets you better at handling that situation when you will eventually be there. Preparation and game planning on what you need to do. It's better to have the skills and not need them then to need the skills and not have them.

I guess that's why I get out and do roadwork in the cold. I do it by choice, I know it makes me mentally strong. I know how great it feels to do things in the nice seasons.

I know some people are fighting through storms not by choice but because they have to. A good friend of mine has a teenage son going through some very hard times. The last few days I been following facebook updates and praying for healing and comfort. This kid has a fighter's heart and it inspires me to do better. Multiple communities spread the word and Thursday people wore red in support of my friend's son, his favorite color. Saturday there is a virtual 5K Race for Chase and I plan to get out a run a 5K or two in the cold in support of him. Sure it would be easier to find a treadmill inside where it's comfortable and cozy. I have a need to feel pain … feeling the pain makes the feel good times feel that much better!

Pain is part of life. Adapt and OVERCOME! Life is all about STRIVE-ival!

"Fight Club is a metaphor for the need to push
through the walls we put around ourselves and
just go for it, so for the first time we can
experience the pain."

~Brad Pitt, Fight Club

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