MANDIRIGMA on a OVERCOME to the MAX's Journal

My D-ficiencies WILL NOT D-fine ME! Real T-alk!

December 05, 2013 10:48pm

Brothers and sisters boys and girls, how ya doin'! I'll tell you one thing, IT IS BRUTALLY COLD here today!!! Yesterday was seasonable warm for this time of year, think it actually hit 60 degrees, thus the foggy mornings with the weird mix of temps and moisture. Fast forward to this morning which was a good 40 degree drop plus add in wind chill to make the real feel about negative 2-4! I did about a 5K interval run through the lanes of the town cemetery. I can be a bit extreme in my activities. People that aren't from the midwest thought I was nuts for what I do and people from my area didn't disagree. I guess it's just part of the mental toughness I picked up in sports growing up and especially from my years actively training MMA with some of the toughest the sport ever seen out of this region.

It happened last year. People started to recognize my after pictures from my first complete Maxformation Life Challenge. I was lucky enough to make the Top 25 cut and many folks I was in competition with seen me as a shoe in for the Top 10. Not sure what happened but I didn't make that cut and I was crushed. Friends I made in the competition couldn't believe it, I couldn't believe it... being done was way hard for me to process.

The crazy thing was even though I wasn't in the Top 10 I was featured in an article in the magazine for opening up about a somewhat touchy subject. After Father's Day weekend looking at my son I got up the courage to reveal I suffered from Low T. (pictures above are from that weekend) I wrote a two part journal explaining it, how I came to the decision to let people know and why I did. I remember the sick feeling in my gut I felt as my right index finger clicked the mouse to post my journal on the site.

In my head I questioned myself. “Would others look down on me?” or “would they see me as a bit of a shady person for not telling people from the get go?” And the great connections I made, sisters and brothers that felt like people I knew better than I know my actually circle of friend back in my hometown. Will they desert me? My eyes felt like I wanted to cry but it was weird, like a tense stressed out shutdown.

But it was important to me. It was inspired by my son. I wanted to open doors of opportunity for men to go to the doctor and seek out getting checked if they had symptoms. I wanted husbands to be able to talk with their wives about it, and if they are having troubles in the bedroom its not that there is anything wrong with them, they are loved and beautiful but something is broken, ya know. And most importantly I wanted to open eyes for future generation, all the mini me's out there. My son helped me to be brave and know what was more important than my privacy or weaknesses. I wanted to serve as a way for guys to step out and know it wasn't anything they did voluntarily, unless you abused PED's or steroids.

I sat and waited for reaction and the support I received was not what I expected. I had people telling me that what I did was a great thing. I had some fellas private messaging me telling me about their situations. People knew this thing I hide out of shame and they helped me to do what I wanted, inform people.

After I didn't make the top 10 I was contacted and an article was written about my mission and printed in the magazine. Important folks read the article and wanted to use the story and image in advertisements. So at the end of the day my message got out beyond just Max Muscle store. I had people ask me about testosterone deficiency at the grocery store after seeing the ad in a magazine. Just to be clear, I am not a Max Muscle employee (even though I would love to be if there was a job for me) and I never benefited financially for appearing in ads. I did it as a public service with hopes I could help people and maybe get my message out to a wider audience. Basically I thought I want to let you all know that in event I'm blessed enough to better what I was able to do in 2012. If I get there I will earn it just like anybody else. Heck look at how far off I was in my attempt last year. But I'm back to prove I'm more than a Low T posterboy. I keep learning and living with below average testosterone and treat my Vitamin D daily. And like the title said, my deficiencies will not D-fine me. I will.

-Additional tidbits on Vitamin D, did you know there is a line of latitude across our country where above it, which is the majority of the country, we are more likely to have a Vitamin D deficiency? I'm including a map but you peeps lucky enough to get plenty of sun....I envy you!!!

-Another tidbit, people with darker complexion are more likely to suffer as well. So that's two strikes against me with my Filipino influences tanner skin and living north of the latitude Vitamin D line! Hope you all find something useful in this rambling!

WORK it, FUEL it, LIVE it!

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