MANDIRIGMA on a OVERCOME to the MAX's Journal

She IS more than just a purty face!!!

August 07, 2012 10:09pm

You all know who I'm referring to, our new champion of the Maxformation world Amanda F!!! She has made and continues to make amazing changes to her physique and health. I just wanted to personally congratulate her and recognize her accomplishments publicly and as usual I wanted to point out what really stood out in my mind about her besides the obvious outside facade! I see her as way more than just a pretty face!

In my years of weight training and sports I've seen lots of people in all shapes and sizes. Worked out with people that specialized in various types of training with very different goals. When I trained with power lifters and did one unofficial bench and deadlift competition it was obvious to me what body type thrived in moving heavy iron, shorter stockier build with shorter limbs. It's all a matter of physics, weight training wise think of this formula:

Work = Force * distance moved

I see it as a 200 pound high school wrestler who is 5'-09” bench pressing his body weight is less work than a 200 pound high school basketball player who is 6'-06” doing the same. The distance the 200 pounds has to travel is less work for the kid with shorter limbs as oppose to the kid with a longer wingspan. Power lifters I've seen that benched the most had short arms coupled with a barrel chest, I swear they were only moving the barbell 6-8 inches! I've seen long limbed less thick chest people have that bar travel almost 3 feet! That's way more work to move that weight!

Plus how many of you have known a person that was a standout in HS basketball tall and lanky but after their ballin days are over they want to put on mass? I have seen it plenty of times and it is more difficult to pack on mass over them long limbs. The long and short of it (pun respectfully intended ;-)) is that what Amanda did with the frame she has is what impresses me most, I'm guessing she had a decent amount of natural muscle under the body fat she dropped but still, she sculpted what she had like a master!!!

This year our small corner of the Max World had 4 make it to the top 25, Jennifer Collins, Mark Dann and myself, one of which survived the ax to make the top 10, my great friend and sister Angie Nipper...another great friend in the Des Moines area Christina B was top 25, Jim B from the Cornhusker State...this year the Mid-west had it goin on for sure!
I'm proud one of us hard workin Mid-West people pulled it off this year and Amanda is sure to represent us and make us all proud!!!!

Congrats sister on a job well done!!!

P.S. I have said this to her way in heck you are 22% body fat!!! Need to get that one checked because you are way leaner than that girl!!! ....I mean CHAMP!!! :-)

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