MANDIRIGMA on a OVERCOME to the MAX's Journal

Monday funday?!

July 30, 2012 10:53am

Up and at em!!! Need to keep sharp and stay sharper! Never know when great opportunity will arise and try kicking you in the butt!

Speaking of staying sharp the king of analogy thought of a comparison reading a journal over the weekend. Being strong as steel was mentioned...and I replied iron sharpens iron. I can elaborate on that. We all start off as a piece of unformed metal. We are our own swordsmiths because we are the ones who decide what kind of blade we want to be...if we want an "edge" in life.

We choose to hone our bodies in the fire of our will and character...the dedication to training is how hot you stoke that forging fire.

We pound it with the tools we have and continue to learn. Pounding against heated steel against an anvil, turning and folding layers for strength... have a full tang is the amount of time you put in...having a strong handle. How far back does your tang run into you handle!?

The handle is wrapped to protect hands...the hilt of the sword is friends who wrap you up and support you.

And finally sharpening the edge of the blade razor sharp. The finer and smoother the stone the edge is sharper against the better and sharper the edge. The finest grains of stone are all the supportive comments, advice...the things that seem so small yet mean so much more than people realize. Anybody and everybody can be part of making you razor sharp.

And that's why even getting the AX from the top 10 really don't effect MY honed sharp edge...I bet it put a ding in that ax's edge because my sword is too hard, I had a strong grip and my edge is too sharp. My weapon is stronger than ever......I'm STILL STANDING!!!

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