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January 13, 2012...The Recipe that should have made me famous already revamped!!!

April 26, 2012 10:28pm

New and Improved NOW with baby spinach

STRONG to the FINNICH Morning Smoothie

Ingredients listed in the order they appear:

1 cup 2% milk
1/2 cup All Whites liquid Egg Whites
1 packed cup of baby spinach
1 cup frozen triple berries or frozen fruit of your liking
1 cup Kashi GO Lean
1 scoop Max Pro (I use natural vanilla)
cold water (optional to thin to desired consistancy)

I pile first 5 ingredients in order into my blender, I like something softer like the spinach leaves in there before the frozen berries to give the blender blades time to get moving and as the spinach gets chopped the harder frozen berries drop down in a orderly fashion to get chopped, then the cereal...

~ once it gets movin I drop a scoop of Max Pro down the center of the lid into the abyss of nutrients. If I'm runnin late an need to drink it in the car ride to work I slowly add about an 1/8th to a 1/4 cup of water to make it easier to drink. You'll need a big cup to pour this into for to go orders. If I drink at home I use the blender mixer cup like a pitcher and dump it down my gullet...then I rinse all the residual stuff with about a cup or more of water to not waste a thing, drink the cloudy water and I'm straight. Got all kinds of stuff in packed into one drink.

A Thanks shoutout to Matt Showalter, Bellevue Max Muscle for the suggestion of adding spinach to the smoothies

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