MANDIRIGMA on a OVERCOME to the MAX's Journal

68 to do something GREAT!!!

April 23, 2012 10:20am

Hey all!!! Another Monday morning in the neighborhood! Hope everyone's weekends were super, rejuvenating and Y'all are ready to make it happen this new week!!!

I had a pretty cool weekend! A friend was celebrating her 30 th birthday. Her husband threw her a party...seen a bunch of people I hadn't seen in a while! Got lots of compliments and questions...but also realizing I'm. Really not us to positive attention in the way I get it sometimes. On our way to the party I sent a picture to a great friend I made right here...I was in a Jewel-Osco restroom and wanted to show her a new shirt I got recently. She responded with a very nice compliment...I was beyond flattered...I sometimes lack the ability to react to compliments. I did try and thank her after what may have been a uncomfortable was partly me feeling proud yet confused...but mostly I was driving my family up to this party :-)

Crazy thing is I get up for morning cardio Sunday...during my run I get to thinking..."are people pulling my leg? Do people just say things to acknowledge changes but really think I don't. Look right? Am I a sucker to believe any of the comments I got are true?" Mentally I am just not use to compliments I get sometimes. The people I'm around most...the ones I see everyday, all seen my changes happen gradually. Then when I get around some of my old gang part of me feels like a different looking stranger to they don't know what to say to and I don 't know how to respond with. I just get weirder as I get it normal? I sometimes just feel like I'm part of a huge prank.

All I KNOW deep down is I'm out to do something GREAT!!! I just hope not to make too much of an ass of myself on the way. Surreal journey so far to say the least...for me uncharted waters.


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