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Happy St Patrick’s Day!!! Turning for Home!

March 17, 2012 10:50am

Hello everyone out there in My Max Muscle land! By my meticulous countdown calendar we have basically reached the mid-point of this years Maxformation! Congratulations to everyone who has been bustin their tails up until this point! Keep on truckin along, if you’re like me you still have a whole load of goals to complete and dreams to fulfill! Keep the faith and dedication up!

My title turning for home was something I thought of during one of my morning runs. Each morning I log approximately 4 miles of what I call PIIT. You all have heard of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). I may have invented Pretty Intense Interval Training, it’s not quite high but the duration of work is a bit longer, any how it is working for me I suppose. Back to my thought process during oxygen deprivation, I thought of my runs, my GPS tracker breaks my time up by laps which are set in 1 mile units and tracks time per lap. Of course my first one is always the fastest, my second is typically the slowest and the third and fourth get a bit faster than the second one. I think it’s natural to speed up after the half-way point, call it primal in a way. I have only went horseback riding a handful of time (yeah living in the Midwest you’d think I would have done it more) but you notice the “turning for home” boost in a horse. A horse seems to get a little more hop in its step when it knows we’re headed back to the barn, where the hay is or the water, some fillies to chase around the pasture, whatever a horse looks forward to. Well we are at that point in our trail ride, turning for the barn and to green pastures. What do you have waiting for you back at the barn?

Should be a fun day! I’m participating in my second ever road race, this time it’s a 5K in downtown Davenport IA. Planning to meet up with a couple friends (Fit4Me & Transcendtoo) I met on here and starting my collection of pictures with any and everybody possible I’ve met along my journey of self-improvement through the friendship, support, and inspiration of others with similar goals. I officially met by chance with Angie Nipper and Steve Peters last week, kickin myself in the butt for not having my camera on me but I think now that we’ve made initial face to face we’ll coordinate something to get a snapshot together. After the race there is a parade, and if I’m not mistaking it may be the country’s only bi-state parade, starting in Rock Island IL crossing the bridge into Davenport IA.

Well I’m out of here, have some miles to log for the M&M March Madness, planning a little walk for now since I’ll be logging 3.1 miles during the 5K at 10AM. As of at the end of the 16th day my total was 165.59 miles! Crazy things happen when a determined mind sets itself up for a goal! Have a Happy and SAFE St Patty’s day!!!

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