MANDIRIGMA on a OVERCOME to the MAX's Journal

You Have to wanna be somebody! Time to be brave!

January 04, 2012 7:11pm

People say get a real job support your family
'Cause there's no future on the road your takin'
But he never said a word, the dreamer just kept on
Late at night you could hear him say, he'd say...

Hey gang, just to show my diverse tastes in my MP3 playlist I have a little Travis Tritt inspiration to drop on you (the midwest rural guy in me). During my run this morning (which was a heatwave at 21 degrees that feels like 12 degrees according to Weather Ch) the song "I'm gonna be Somebody" comes on, probably my favorite Travis Tritt song. Again the message is about believing in your dreams, proving the unsupportive doubters wrong and in the end being an inspiration for other people with grand dreams of their own. He sings about how the road to the top isn't easy and takes time and faith to make it. People say things and they will always say things, some out of plain mean intentions, some out of jealousy or as the kids like saying nowadays "playa haters", haha, and some just say it thinking (in their opinion of course) you can make better use of your time and resources. Okay here's my opinion on that, what is a better investment than your wellness and health? If I can be here on this Earth longer, to love my family and be here for them years longer...people say time is money and you can't buy more time, I say BS. Take better care of yourself and the ultimate end product is you give yourself more time to do what is truly important, for me it's being a great daddy and loving husband, a good son and a trustworthy friend. I want to strive to do all those things as long as possible!

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