MANDIRIGMA on a OVERCOME to the MAX's Journal

2012 in approaching!

December 31, 2011 4:14am

In 2012 I plan to be fitter not bitter, leaner and meaner, rougher n tougher,better without butter, older but wiser, thankful & more generous, built strong to last long, eat to live rather than live to eat, the most motivating new friend anybody could ever wish for, a listen ear & trustworthy confidant, I'll celebrate with you if you are victorious, or be a shoulder to cry on (probably get caught crying for you too). I may not be the most genetically gifted person, may not have access to the best gyms or professional trainers, but a few things I do have are resilience to get past any challenge, resourceful thinking to figure out a way, and a hungry competitive heart of a savage warrior. Like I've said this community has inspired me & continues to each and every day, I draw from it, nobody can stop me but me & that part of me was left behind in my dust at the foot of this mountain I'm running up. I want to be a trail blazed, lets push each other and race to heights we never dreamed possible!!!

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