Lizze B
My why is my to be healthy, fit and fun for family. And for myself? I don't want to be trapped in a prison of my own making, with a ceiling of life long ailments, floors of low self esteem, walls of blubber and bars made of muscle dystrophy!
Location Lincoln, NE
Age 26
Gender Female
Interests Dance, Healthy Living, Art, Montessori Education, Music, Books, Metal Working, Traveling
Smoke? I do not smoke
Drink? I do not drink
Education Some college
Favorite movies ALL Super Hero Movies, Iron Giant, Transformers, Fifth Element, Star Trek, Camp, Spaceballs, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Connie & Carla, The Croods, Red Moulin Rouge, Chicago, Robin Hood Men in Tights, Now & Then
Favorite music Folk, Classical, Classic Rock, Pop, HipHop, R&B, Reggaeton, Anything Good
Hello everyone!
My name is Elizabeth, but everyone I know calls me Lizze! I've never had a good relationship with food and exercise. As a kid, I lived with my Dad who only ever fed me fast food and frozen meals...I was FAT. As a teenager I became obsessed with working out and dieting and eventually hit 98lb of skin and bones. My family intervened when it became evident I was developing a self destructive lifestyle. Somewhere along the line I started gaining weight. I was terrified to take control because in the past taking control meant losing control. I am no longer afraid. I have a supportive network of people around me and I know I can do this.
NOW? I'm just one of those annoyingly positive, appreciative, happy people that smiles at everyone. I'm always ready for a new adventure & up for change. However, occasionally, I just want to poke someone in the eye with a really hot french fry.
I am a Nebraska native but I've been fortunate enough to travel quite a bit around both North and South America (My heart still yearns for Ecuador). I often find myself accidentally speaking Spanish instead of English.
I am engaged to a wonderful/infuriating man and we have an insanely adorable 18mo old son. I am a stay at home mom in business with my mum (creating and selling artsy craftsys) while pursuing my Bachelors in Health & Wellness and eventually my Masters in Montessori Education.
I am a busy chickadee and busy led to lazy about food choices. I was 165 lbs when I found out I was pregnant in October of 2010 and also when I went into the hospital to give birth in July 2011. When my little guy hit 18 months (& I hit 166.6lbs) this January, I decided it was time to take my body back! I've reached a plateau and I decided that enter the MaxFormation would be a great motivator to get my rump back in action.

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