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I hit my goal and got ripped! I've never been in this good of shape.

This is a video of my transformation! The first half is an interview with my trainer and myself. About halfway through we have some video of me getting prepped for my final photo shoot, then some working out highlights at Hitch Fit. Enjoy!

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Here are my beginning stats vs. my current stats. (I'll update the current stats every two weeks against the beginning)

weight: 190.8lbs (now 160 lbs)
body fat: 21% (now 5.1% body fat!!!!!!!!!)
waist: 40 1/8 inch (now 31 inch)
caliper pinch test:
tricep: 9.5mm (now 3.5mm)
thigh: 12mm (now 6mm)
stomach: 50mm ( Now 9 mm!!!!) so proud of this number!!

Aiming for low 5 percent body fat! Shredded.

Hello, I'm Josh, 28 from kansas city, MO. I'm really excited about this competition for a few reasons. I would be doing this without the contest, but having the online community and posting pictures publicly is really going to keep me motivated to reach my goal. Also, I'm getting a chance to meet some really awesome people that are wanting the same things out of life that I am and I'm learning so much about health and fitness.

About a year and half ago I lost my job and as anyone knows who has went through this, I was in scramble mode. All I was focused on was how to pay the bills, not lose my house and find a job. Needless to say I was a little depressed from the whole situation, but luckily did find another job. However, I did lose focus on my health, fitness and happiness. I was still a little down about my past situation and just did everything wrong. I was eating out, drinking, not being active......physically I was feeling terrible. I decided I needed to get things turned around now, before it got way out of hand. So I looked up personal trainers here in kc and found hitch fit with Micah lacerte. He and his girlfriend Diana Chaloux run a gym that is one on one in KC or you can do an online version with them......very cool idea. Anyway, Micah is also a life coach and really stresses eliminating the negatives in your life and making positive choices anytime you get a chance. Once I read this and looked up some videos of him online, I knew he was legit. I signed up with him and so far things are going great. I eat extremely clean, approx. every 2 hours and lift with him 3 days/week. His workouts are extremely intense, I have no doubt I'll be in the best shape of my life by the time June comes.

One of my faults is that in the past I've never fully committed to really anything. I would half ass most things and I was very disapointed in myself for that. I knew signing up with Micah would not only get me in great shape and feeling good, but would make me be 100% in. I heard an interview once that said what makes athletes like lance armstrong or michael jordan so great is not just their physical gifts, but that they are not afraid of failure. The interview went on to say that most athletes as gifted as they are don't fully commit and when failure happens they have that excuse that if I only did x,y or z I would have succeeded. Thats sorta how I was in my life. I'm tired of just getting by and decided no more and I'm 100% into my transformation. I want to win the grand prize obviously, but worst case scenario I'm in the best shape of my life and feel better than I ever have!

As far as support systems go, I don't have a whole lot. I have my trainers at Hitch Fit, my mom, and max muscle online community. Thats pretty much it. The important part is that I'm doing this so I can reach my maximum potential. I've always wanted to look like the guys in magazines, and would just tell myself....."someday." Something clicked and I realized that it would never happen, if I didn't just start working hard for it. I know it sounds obvious; you have to work hard to get in great shape, but it just never clicked with me for some reason. However, I'm in it now, and can't wait to see my final results.


I just took a trip March 5-7 (birthday trip) to the arnold classic in Columbus, OH. It was an amazing trip. I was there with trainers at my gym hitch fit, which was awesome they invited me to go. I saw a couple photo shoots and fitness celebs! Seing all these people in amazing shape has made me realize how much I want to get shredded and be apart of this industry in some way. I can't wait until next year when I go there in the best shape of my life!

Also, next year when I go, I'm going in the Animal Cage! The Animal Cage is this crazy set up at the arnold blasting music for a bench press contest. You bench press your weight 20 times( It's either 20 or 30) and you get a free t-shirt. Not too many people got the t-shirt, but it looked like fun.

So when I started this competition I was wearing size 38 waist I am wearing comfortably size 32 waist pants!!!! It feels great to be able to buy clothes from any store and know they will fit just the way they are intended! Also all of my shirts are size medium now!

So my training consists of tabata for the next 8 and 1/2 weeks or so. It's the most intense invertal style training that exists and will help me drop that last bit of body fat. As soon as my lower abs come in......I'll be there!!!!

well it looks like size 32 waist pants aren't working anymore! I was caught a glimpse of my work clothes walking to through the gym and my pants are soooo baggy. Now I have to go shopping for some clothes, and I'm actually excited about it!

So I'm one week out from taking my final pictures. I'm really excited about it, and nervous at the same time. I'm mostly nervous because I want to look as great as possible and I'm hoping the pictures show it. So for the first part of this week I'm water loading, then will be decreasing my water intake as the week ends. My diet is pretty strict this last week. I'll have no problem doing it, but I am more a fan of a balanced clean diet. Extremes are not that fun, but hey whatever it takes to look good....right? lol

My diet this last day and 1/2 before the photo shoot consists of boiled plain chicken and sweet potato or brown rice only. Honestly, it's my favorite meal, so this part will be easy. The first half of the week was really difficult with low carbs, but I got through it!

Taking final photos Saturday June 19th.......Tomorrow morning at 8:30am! Now I'm starting to get nervous, wondering if I'm tight enough. I guess it's just the natural insecurities coming out. wish me luck.

The transformation contest is over and I've already started my next fitness goal. I'm trying to get in shape for a fitness show mid Sept. So I'm trying to put on some quick size for 6 weeks, then cut down again for 6 weeks following that. Hopefully I'll have put on a little muscle in that amount of time and can look really good for the show. My first ever show is the WBFF worlds in Canada.....crazy to do a huge show like that for my first go. I don't even really know what I'm getting myself into lol. I have to come up with an idea for theme wear, evening wear and buy some swim trunks. I just hope to have lots of fun on stage and meet some cool people.

So I've been lifting heavy the last few weeks and have see some marked improvements in my lifts. My bench is now 195lb for 8 reps.
incline bench 185 for 8 reps. Bicep barbell curl 90lbs for 6 reps. Hopefully next week I'll be able to increase this even more. Even if it's just 5lbs I'll take it.

I just found out I made the top 10 in the contest! I'm so excited about the future possibilities......keeping my fingers crossed. This week I have been carb cycling to get in show shape by Mid Sept. So far it's not too bad...granted it's only been 3 days. I've started to step my cardio up again. Now I'm doing some cardio boxing/kickboxing. It kicked my butt yesterday, hopefully tonight will do the same.

Things are going great, I'm in the process now of getting as cut up as possible for my show in Sept. Fitness model category should be that's where all the opportunities in the business are. The mini bulk stage was nice, but I'm glad to be cutting again. I really worried about having good stage presence for the show. I hope I don't get nervous in front of the huge crowd and freeze up lol. Wish me luck.

Awesome night tonight! I got my cardio kickboxing in at 6, ate dinner, then lifted for chest/triceps/shoulders. I just found out that some news stations here in KC, magazines and even a fitness website want to interview me about my transformation. Pretty awesome to get some recognition...but I am a little nervous about the interviews. I hope I come across the way I want to. I'll keep everyone up to date as the interviews take place.

Big weekend planned. I'm going to be doing lots of cardio kickboxing, running and lifting. Also, I'll be shadowing at hitch fit! I think I'm going to get back in to tabata style training here very soon! It's a really difficult style of training, but I enjoy pushing myself. Also, I'll be doing a ton of studying for my ACE exam. I feel like I need to take the test in the next 2-3 weeks and start training clients. This is a huge opportunity that I'm very grateful to have. I hope to be a great role model for my clients on how to live the right lifestyle.

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