James Odekirk
focused on increasing power and sprinting speed
Location South Ogden, UT
Age 49
Gender Male
Interests Golf, lifting, running, hiking, writing
Smoke? I do not smoke
Drink? I occassionally drink
Education High school graduate / GED
Favorite movies Shawshank redemption, Green Mile, Rudy, Blind side.
Favorite music Just about everything, just depends on my mood.
April 2011- I am doing one swim workout, two track workout, one distance run and four lifts a week right now.

Jan. 2011 - The next 12 weeks consist of 2 swims, one short track workout and 5 lift sessions per week. Four are split days and one full body day.

Dec 2010- This month is more of a recovery month to get ready for my next program I am starting the first week of January. I am just coming off a hard 12 week program. This month I am doing full body lifting three times a week. swimming twice a week and one track workout per week.

June 2010 update- I think I made some good progress this year. While a lot of you have made some major changes mine have been more subtle. I lost 12 pounds since last year. I have lost one and a half inches off my waist. I have increased my max bench by forty pounds and my squat by 75 pounds. I will continue to seek improvement this next year. I am going to drop my weight 8 more pounds and lose one more inch off my waist. I am going to do this by the end of the year.

February 1st 2010- I started a new routine for the spring time today. I will be going on this routine for 12 weeks. I am doing full body lifting three times a week. I swim for distance once per week. I do a track workout once per week. I run intervals once per week. My rep counts are 10-12. At the six week mark the swim will be sprints. One day of running will be a one hour trail run. The track workout will increase in the number of sprints. The rep count will change to 6-8.

dec 1st : I am starting a new routine today. It includes two days of swimming and one track workout per week. The lifting is five times a week. The upper body is split into two days done twice per week. Legs are once per week. I am taking one day off per week. So , two days a week I do double workouts that day. My goal this month is to lose a full inch off my waist.

October 7th: I have been doing track workout twice per week and swimming twice per week. I lfit complete upper body and ab workout three times per week. I will be posting some new pics at the end of the month.

August 24th: I am starting a new program today. i am going back to full body workouts three times a week. I will be doing a track workout once a week. One day of distance running and one day swimming. I will keep the cardio intense but not longer than 40 minutes. The workouts are really hard and consist of 40 to 50 sets each time. Doing lifts that hit every muscle group. It is a eight week program. I need to lose one more inch off my waist. that is the current goal.

June 24 : Final photos posted, I have made alot of progress this year.

May 15th: I am changing up my lifting splits next week. I will be doing chest, arms together twice a week and back and shoulders together twice a week.

I will be doing sprints and leg day together once a week.

I am still doing some distance running three times a week with one day of intervals. ( one mile and 1/2 mile splits)
I have lost a half inch off my waist this month.

Feb 15th
I have stayed the same weight for a year. I am always changing my fitness routines. This is my latest routine for the next thirteen weeks. The routines on the lifting change each day of the week. But they all include a full body workout with a lot of multi joint lifts. Each day consists of 27 to 36 sets which is one1/2 to two circuits. During the thirteen weeks they increase in sets. All circuits are timed to add intensity. The amount of sprints and the amount of 1/2 and mile runs increase as I go along. the distance running starts at four mile run and increases to nine miles by week ten.

I am doing full body weight lifting workouts three times a week. On the in between off days from lifting I am doing sprints one day, interval runs of 1/2 mile and mile on the second day. then one day of distance running. I take one day off per week.

My resting heart rate is at 49 to 52 right now. I started this routine on feb 1st. I hope to lose fifteen pounds of bodyfat the next thirteen weeks. Reduce my resting heart rate by three beats.
Another goal is to get my one mile time down to 7:20. Get my 440 time down to 68 seconds.
I am also doing the Ogden half marathon in may and will finish in under two hours that is the goal.
I am using triple whey, max pro, high 5, ext , full blown extreme, all the quadra cuts, max glut. and max creatine.
I eat between 2800 and 3300 calories a day. About 30% protien and 20% fats 50% carbs. I stay within that range 29 days a month. I eat almost no sugars. I have not drank soft drinks since I was 17. I mostly drink skim milk and water as my drinks. I eat a lot of chicken. I eat eggs and egg whites everyday. Icecream is one big weakness, I love icecream! My goal is go six weeks with no icecream.

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