Alex dali RIZO
visualization, action and focus on my target
Location Orlando, FL
Age 39
Gender Male
Interests Music, Acting, entertainment business, health living.
Smoke? I do not smoke
Drink? I occassionally drink
Education Graduated college / 4-year / BA
Favorite movies Rocky
Favorite music Salsa
I am originally from Venezuela; I am 39 years old, Divorced, and the father of one little champion, my son Alexandro. I am with the Bank Card industry working with credit card processing for ten years now! I worked as a radio announcer, in sales and singing has been always my biggest passion, the dream of my life is becoming a famous singer.
I am a self driven person, optimistic, positive attitude, and I like positive people. I believe that your destiny it’s a history that you have the power to write and decided if you want it to be a successful one or not. I think that this life offers you a bunch of opportunities and our job it to prepare ourselves to be able to take advantage of them. This contest for me it’s a big opportunity to challenge myself to become the best I can be because if your health, you mind and your goals are in harmony, you are able to do great thinks.
I have so many reasons to win this Maxformation 2011 contest: one of them is to set an example for my son, my parents, my brothers, and the people around me that I can influence in a positive way. Another big reason is because I want to invest the money prize in my biggest dream which is to record my music CD. Another reason is to set a healthy lifestyle which will give me more energy, more sharpness, happiness and a better self-image.
I know that in my whole life I always want it to be in great shape, but I never haven’t been 100% happy with the level of fitness of my body and now is the time to accomplish that, I’m determined to do it and I WILL!!
All of you guys that have had the courtesy to read this lines I consider now my friends and we are together in this journey, we can help each other and give us support, advice, and even share our stories.
Thank you and Good Luck my friends..!!
Alex-dali RIZO
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