Chris Ghiatis III
Congrats to the new top 25.
Location Las Vegas , NV
Age 31
Gender Male
Interests College football, snowboarding, wake boarding and most of all playing with my kids.
Smoke? I do not smoke
Drink? I occassionally drink
Education Graduated college / Over 4 years
Favorite movies Hangover and other action movies.
Favorite music Anything that makes cardio easier...
Well this all began with a trip to max muscle. Trying to improve my knowledge of food and supplements. I have been doing it all wrong for thirty years and it stops today. I am married with two kids and as you can imagine I have learned to put myself last. Always finding an excuse not to go to the gym or why I won't go on a walk with my wife. I work 24 hour shifts so often times I have made excuses of why I would eat bad, always thinking to myself tomorrow I will start up again. I have always been active playing soccer for 15 years until 3 knee injuries later, all scholarships chances were gone. A history teacher got me into the swimming pool and I began to play water polo and to competitively swim. I swam the 100M Free and 100M fly. Always taking my activity for granted I ate whatever I wanted. Then came college 4 years of learning how to live on your own and making adjustments. After graduating with a degree in Communications and a double minor in business management, business marketing. I went back to California to pursue my paramedic license. I also began working toward becoming a firefighter. So then came the call... off to Las Vegas for a job. Six years later and many unhealthy firehouse meals later I have lost all memory of being fit. Now I know you are asking don't you have to be in good shape to be a firefighter? My answer absolutely you do and there in lies the problem. My weight and cardio were causing me problems because of long hours and lack of asleep. My nutrition and eating habits are embarrassing. So I was asked what I thought about this competition and I answered. Simply I could never look like a magazine cover. I could never do it. Then I asked myself �Why Not" So I researched it and talked to Jennifer from the Las Vegas store and here I am. Excited and ready to start a new chapter, a new beginning if you will. So the adventure begins. I would love to hear anyone else's story and share in these times of change and re-education. Thanks to my wife and two kids for putting up with this new adventure. Hard to explain to my 12 year old daughter why the meal plan in the house has
After all this I want to Thank MM for giving all of us the opportunity and tools to change our lives...Without this competition and the motivation of friends, family and fellow competitors we would still be where we were six months ago. So to all of you Thank you for helping me get my life back for me and my family.

Here are my Stats for the last six months:
-23.4% body fat

Chest 46.5
Neck 16
Waist 40.5
Hips 41

-175 lbs
-7% body fat

Chest 43
Neck 15
Waist 32
hips 39

All measurements done by Jennifer Lee Las Vegas Max Muscle.
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