Eat Clean, Train Dirty
Location Eugene, OR
Age 33
Gender Male
Interests Family, football, outdoors, basketball, fishing
Smoke? I do not smoke
Drink? I occassionally drink
Education Graduated college / 4-year / BA
Favorite movies Dumb and Dumber, Bourne Series, Sahara, Man from Snowy River
Favorite music Hip hop, Country, jazz
I have been married almost 13 years with 3 active boys. Love life, football, outdoors, and craft beer. I own a gas station near the University of Oregon. This is going to be a big year, trust me. Cheers!!

After reading several other people's bios I thought I would add my weight bio. I've fought being overweight my entire adult life. I was 220 in college, and started packing on weight afterwards. In 2011 I dropped a whole bunch of weight and "ran" a half marathon in SF. I then moved back to the NW, where the "rain" was my excuse to quit working out. Over the next 3 years I went up to around 300 pounds and then bought a gas station, convenience store, where I managed to pack on 10 more pounds. My saving grace was the gas station I bought, was 2 buildings down from the Eugene Max Muscle store. I started dropping weight in November of 2013 and by the time I walked into Max Muscle to see Tom on January 3rd, I was 297 pounds. That's it. Never looked back. Haven't had soda since Nov 17th, 2013 (Was drinking roughly 6-8 cans of diet coke a day). And there you go. I can never thank Max Muscle and Tom Wiens enough.
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