Crissy "NO EXCUSES" Cantu
Location Laredo, TX
Age 34
Gender Female
Interests Working out, music, dancing, singing....
Smoke? I do not smoke
Drink? I rarely drink
Education Some college
Favorite movies Dazed and Confused, Devil Wears Prada, Pitch Perfect, Adventures in Babysitting, School of Rock, Sweet Home Alabama, Blades of Glory, oh my goodness they are so many more!
Favorite music Everything! I am not picky in this category. Love the 80's, Country, Opera, Pop, Rock, Tejano, Classical, Christian, Dubstep......

Life was taking a toll on me emotionally. I was plagued with anxiety, anger and depression. My emotional roller-coaster led to emotional eating, while my weight continued to surge.

It was an exquisite weekend in September 2012. My boss treated his staff and their spouses to a weekend at South Padre Island. We quickly filled our itinerary for the weekend, and embarked on a horseback ride on the beach. The company, sun and the water were perfect! Photos, of course, were being snapped away. That evening our boss reserved a sunset dinner cruise along the bay. We were sharing with him (boss) our photos of the horseback ride when he commented, “Wow, that’s a big horse.” My husband then replied, “I like my women big.” There…right there…that moment, the way I viewed that photo changed. Initially, I saw a cheerful Crissy all smiles because the day was perfect but changed to…Oh my gosh, he is right! My butt is as huge as the horse’s butt. Tears began to flow and my evening was ruined. I thought I had become an expert with hiding my feelings, but this time it was different. I had tSoon after that my mother was diagnosed with diabetes, high blood pressure and thyroid disease. My family has a history of all these medical issues plus heart disease. In that instant my future flashed before my eyes. If I didn't make a change I knew I would quickly be going down the same path. My mindset was transformed. I would frequently catch myself asking my husband, family, and friends, “Do you think I’m fat? Do you think I am ugly? “I always got the reply, “You are fine.” I never got an honest answer. As time passed, I continued to be the depressed, angry, sad and “no drive” Crissy that I had become.

Excuses continued to play a factor in my unhealthiness. My favorite…I had ACL reconstructive surgery…my knees can’t handle the stress of exercise, I have a full time job, I am a mother, I don’t have time or money, eating healthy is more expensive, I’m too tired, and I can’t do this alone. Changes at heart and soul that I desired were: become healthy, have energy, and be confident! I wanted to inspire others!

Fast forward to November 2012. I arrived at home, fifteen steps from my car to the front door was all it took! I WAS OUT OF BREATH!!! I went inside…sat on my behind and said, “I have to do something NOW!”

Freedom Fitness gym was less than a mile away. Yes, I enrolled. Did I start immediately…NO! The day after Thanksgiving came around and I asked a dear friend of mine if she wanted to hit the gym with me. She agreed. Needless to say, they had a black Friday training special going on and we signed up together. I was blessed with my trainer George. He took his time with me. Hours upon hours, he was with me through the tears, bruises, pain, and venting. He quickly became dear to my heart. He shared his journey with me, and from that point I said, “NO EXCUSES”!!! The photo on the horse became my motivation. It was my screen saver on my computers (work and home) and my personal phone. That photo haunted me. I wore my knee braces, applied icy hot, and took my ibuprofen religiously. It was not a pretty sight. George introduced me to Max Muscle and from the first time I set foot in that door, I felt at home. Sam and his staff embraced me from the beginning. After a couple of visits, I met Sonia Reyes, a contestant in the 2013 Maxformation. Right there in the store she shared her struggles and journey. Wow! A complete stranger sharing with me. I was in awe! From that point on a seed was planted.

September 27th 2013 I posted on Facebook, “Thinking about joining the 2014 Maxformation Challenge. Should I ….Should I not? It would take A LOT more commitment and dedication.” One comment stuck out. Commit! It was then that I experienced the turning point! Wow!

About a week later, I attended a NPC show in McAllen, TX and I was in admiration with the detail and perseverance of the contestant’s figures that I had only seen in the magazines. On my way out, I ran into the same person that commented on my Maxformation status (lets name him Coach) and I asked him, “Do you think I could walk that stage one day?” His response was, “Absolutely”!!!! A man of a few words. Needless to say, his experience and expertise in this fitness field has assisted my progress over the course of my Maxformation journey. Shout out to my coach and a huge Thank you! Your encouragement, “The Oak” videos and blunt advice helps keep me strong.

Scheduled times and differences caused my training to end with George and brought me to Richard (Sonia Reyes’s trainer). He started me on my Maxformation training. He has since been promoted and Miguel is my current trainer. Miguel has a true heart in helping others in their fitness journey. I have been blessed with all my trainers in their own unique ways.

I am writing this as we are 5 weeks away from the end of this 2014 Maxformation! I couldn't have written this on a better day. Today I have achieved my personal goal of 155 lbs! I am so ecstatic and filled with joy!!! Not only because of the weight loss, but because I have followed through on a goal I set for MYSELF! I may have lost 71 LBS but I have gained so much more!!! I have regained my self-confidence, determination, discipline, patience, a love for myself again, a healthy life, energy, faith, amazing new friends, learning about my body and how it works, and strength! I still have my MaxFormation goal of 145 lbs (10 more lbs) and goal of 135 lbs my coach set for me (he is crazy)! No more horsing around! I am no longer that Crissy on the horse. I am Crissy “NO EXCUSES” Cantu. I did it! We did it! The support system I have in my life (family, friends, mymaxmuscle community, and my local Max Muscle McAllen-Edinburg store) and the awesome supplements at Max Muscle have helped me accomplish my goal!!! Let's continue ROARING!!! And it's far from over....always setting new goals!!! MAX MUSCLE IN THE HOUSE!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!!
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