Rich Carr
Back at it Strong!
Location Orting, WA
Age 49
Gender Male
Interests Horseback riding, gourmet cuisine, fireplaces when it rains, an incredible sound system, and a fat checking account
Smoke? I do not smoke
Drink? I frequently drink
Education Graduated college / Over 4 years
Favorite movies Pulp Fiction, The Jerk, 300, Mars Attacks
Favorite music Absolutely anything. Really.
My Story and how I started my MaxFormation....

Forty-five years into life a light bulb finally lit up. It said, "You're a fat pig, you know it, you can change it." Actually, it wasn't really that bad, I just got lazy and over the past six years or so I simply stopped. Didn't care about a thing, I was always strong and carried 'extra weight' well...but one day, that extra weight just pissed me off. So I decided to change it and nobody was going to stop me.

What Got Me Started

I'm an advertising & marketing strategist, a creative guy, a writer. So I sit on my ass all day typing, talking, eating, visiting and researching...I ask a lot of questions. One day, I'm sitting across the table from Sean Greene, Joe Wells, and Patrick Sanders of Max Muscle as I was called in to assist in making their online marketing and advertising second to none. Sean asked, "Why do you want to work with Max Muscle?" I said, "Because I want to look like you guys!"

More Work
My company got the gig, and as a part of that gig, I asked Sean to put me on the MaxFormation program so I could experience what makes Max Muscle tick. He promptly put together a custom meal and workout plan, recommended things like MaxPro (the no fat protein), ThermXX, Anabol Cuts, IsoExtreme and SurGH as well as cardio for 30 minutes a day, twice if I could do it. I did this for myself, but at this point, it was more for work as I wanted to see what people had to go through to make this MaxFormation so we could, in turn, develop the online tools necessary to log progress, share news with others etc. It wasn't until four weeks into the program that IT actually happened.

Four Weeks In
"IT" was my first step onto the weight scale since I started. I started at a Whopping 250 pounds...the heaviest I've EVER been in my life. Four weeks into the program I was at 235, had lost 6% body fat, and an inch and a half off my waist. I was more than hooked!

You can track my progress in my Milestones section of my MaxFormation pages from week to week, but I'll tell you here that this isn't a diet, its not a fad, and its not something I would have done on my own without input from Max Muscle. Fast forward to four months into the program....

So now I'm back to a lifestyle that incorporates cardio every day, eating better, and the thing that has made the biggest difference: Knowing and consuming the right supplements, in the right amount, in the proper order. That's it. No real magic. Like the old adage goes, "You are what you eat". I would only add to that, "...And What You do with it".

I'm heading into 2009 30 pounds lighter, less 12% body fat than what I started with, and fully intend to drop another 20 or so in the first three months of the New Year since my goal now is single digit body fat and that's another several digits away.

Here I go! Watch me, keep up with me, I challenge YOU too!
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