Brian Furer
One week from the Rocky Mountain NPC, my last show of the year - and leaner than EVER!
Location Denver, CO
Age 38
Gender Male
Interests Real Estate, Business Development, Motor Sports, Outdoor Sports, Travel, Culture, fine dining and fine wine, and of course.... BODYBUILDING!
Smoke? I do not smoke
Drink? I occassionally drink
Education Graduated college / Over 4 years
Favorite movies Predator, Tombstone
Favorite music House/Techno, Metal, Hard Alternative, 80's New Wave, 60's Vietnam Era, and Bagpipe music
Preface: My supplementation coaches at Max Muscle advised me to take a before pic with a newspaper when I started training Jan 2nd 2013, but I did not join the challenge until MArch 17th 2013. I didn't know it existed until well after this challenge session had already began!

The "me" as of Jan 2, 2013, commencement of training, 33 days after MaxForm had begun:

2 Jan 2013
I am your typical city dwelling chronic entrepreneur. I am fully consumed in my work, the development of a rapidly growing Real Estate Brokerage called VIP Real Estate Colorado in Denver, Co. Starting this firm from scratch I am simultaneously developing its highly extensive IT program, recruiting, coaching, and supervising agents, creating marketing and advertising partnerships, lending, construction, architecture affiliates, moving to a larger office, hiring admin staff, and so on......meanwhile flipping houses and carrying my own staggering transaction load. I work 14-18 hour days most every day of the week. I literally wake up, go to the office, work, stress, work, and go to sleep.

My diet has always been terrible, subject to the demands of business I get 2, or if I'm lucky, 3 meals per day - large, fast food, and unhealthy. Adding insult to injury, I am a very socially connected person so I would succumb to social demands and go for cocktails Fridays & Saturdays, sometimes one more day during the week. Naturally, the hangover induced indulgence was sheer gluttony.

When I had things settled down a bit in the office, I would work out! During these times I would lift weights 2 times per week minimum, at most 4 times per week. No cardio, no sports, no boot camp, just lifting. That would last a few months, then career demands would knock me out of the gym for several months and I woudl lose all that progress. Even while in the gym, the aforementioned cocktails Friday & Saturday would completely undo all the progress I had made that week, I felt like I was trapped in a "2 steps forward 2 steps back" time warp.

I kept telling myself......."one day I'll do a show - bulk up first then lean down"..... the problem is I bulked, and bulked, and bulked - not quality bulk - and never got around to the lean down phase.

I had always been a fan and follower of bodybuilding, since high school! Today I am friends with so many of the NPC crew in Denver, attend their shows, admire and respect their discipline and accomplishments, and am envous of what they have acheived, their culture, and camraderie they share. I wanted to be a part of that great environment..... but I was FAT.

Finally, at the end of 2012, I hit my wall. I was unhappy with myself, my appearance. Unhappy that I couldn't fit in suits, unhappy that I couldn't date the type of women I preferred, unhappy with my cardiovascular stamina, trouble running, trouble bending, trouble tying my shoes, unhappy with ...... EVERYTHING. I was alone, the fat hung over guy hanging out with all his fit friends. Though my company was growing well and excited about that, I was simultaneously ( & secretly) miserable and resentful of it, as I felt it had taken my positive outlook, my health, my "me time", and was next to take my sanity, and eventually to take my LIFE if I didn't make changes.

I was headed for a physical & mental breakdown.

Enough was enough. I finally admitted to myself that it wasn't my company holding me back, it was ME holding me back, self inflicted. It was time enough to make radical changes to reclaim my happiness, self respect, health, my life.

Time to quit being a "someday"....a "wanna be", time to BE who I want to be!

And thus, I hired a trainer, Chris Williamson from The Gym, and threw myself at the mercy of the guys at Max Muscle Denver, Billy Van Heusen, Jesse Lehman, and Adam Kreisher...........I set my sights on the Northern Colo NPC, made a commitment to them, and to myself.

And thus, it began.......

Story to be continued as it unfolds.....
Brian Furer
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