Amelia Hicks
Location St. Louis, MO
Age 34
Gender Female
Interests Spending time with my family
Smoke? I do not smoke
Drink? I do not drink
Education Graduated college / Over 4 years
Favorite movies Lately Veggie Tales and Elmo ;))
Favorite music Christian Inspirational Music
When I met my husband in 2007 I weighed around 115 pounds. I had an abundance of time to workout, to walk my dogs, and go out and eat sushi. I had time to do my favorite activity: run. We would run together on weekends and in the evenings and life was great. I oozed confidence. I looked great and felt amazing and I had a energy! An energy and zest for life!
So perhaps during our courtship we may have visited too many restaurants because by the time we were married in June 2010 I weighed 125 pounds. My friends and family reassured me that I needed the extra ten pounds and still looked great. Being married, I adopted my husband's son and daughter as my own. My time was no longer my own. My weekends were filled with soccer, basketball, or swimming and weekdays were more hectic trying to balance all the schedules. My time and energy was strained and I devoted less time to my running and my workouts. My kids hated sushi, so I did not get around to it much either.
Around Thanksgiving of 2010 my husband had his vasectomy reversed and we were preparing to start a family of our own. I have always wanted children and I had the names for my son and daughter already picked out (God had other plans for me because I have two boys). I was anxious to get pregnant. And having a predisposition to anxiety and depression and all around wearing my emotions on my sleeve, it made waiting and trying to get pregnant excruciating. God is good because by February only two whole months after his vasectomy I was pregnant. When I weighed in at my first appointment I was now 130 pounds and not eating any sushi at all for a long while.
You know those skinny woman who are rake thin, have a bump, sneeze out there baby, and in a week or two are back in their size two's? Yup, that was not me. Alas, my pregnancy was an extremely difficult one and I gained 60 pounds. I remember my last weigh in before Beau arrived in November of 2011 when the scale read 190, I got in the car and sobbed. I could not even drive for about thirty minutes. I called Charles and his reassuring words got me home safe. He said he loved my no matter what and that I will always be his beautiful bride. My words: "Being pregnant for real is nothing like the movies". I was in so much pain and discomfort for so long, being unable to get out bed, or the car, or up the stairs. And if I was emotional before pregnancy, can you imagine my mood swings during pregnancy? The labor and delivery was not much better either and my perfect birth plan of a natural birth was marred by an emergency cesarian and Beau Daniel almost strangled by his umbilical cord with every contraction. That explained his distress and my need to be on partial bed rest for four months and full bed rest for the last two weeks. However, at the end of the ordeal, I had a beautiful baby boy much to his namesake Beau.
Breastfeeding was a nightmare and you know how they say the pounds will just fall off because you are nursing? Yup, that was not me! In fact, the cravings were worse, and me now depressed, overweight, struggling to breastfeed, gave in to every single one! That did not help at all. Well since Beau was suctioned out and still wouldn't come, he had a knot on his head that shifted his jaw, that made latching and nursing even more painful. I was determined though and after two months bleeding blisters we had it mastered and were experts by the third month. My advice to nursing moms: Persevere. It is worth it. Well going back to work, a classroom full of unruly first graders (because their teacher has been gone a while), nursing, pumping, a new baby, two teenagers, cooking, and adjusting to everyones schedules left no time, energy, or money for me. I was tapped out of all my resources. And I am not even mentioning the two dogs and two cats I take care of also. Charles was wonderful though and very understanding. Though I could see the longing in his eye: He wanted his wife back, so did I. This was now July 2012. Beau was finally weened. You know those moms who can nurse forever... Yup, that was not me. I wanted to nurse for at least a year but my milk supply just kinda dried up around seven or eight months. I was 170 pounds. Disappointed that I couldn't nurse any longer, it felt good to call my body my own no matter how beat down or broke down it looked. I got pumped up. I hit the YMCA, Zumba classes, and ready to stick with it. I wanted my body back!
By September 2012, I was 160 pounds, and pregnant with Josias. But, that was ok. You know those moms that can go to the gym and workout and run till the last week of the last trimester? Yup, that was not me. Around February, my Braxton Hicks contractions had started again much like they did with Beau and the doctor advised me to take it easy. My cravings and appetite increased again, De Javu. My soft pelvic bones made walking painful again. There was a lady at my school also pregnant, a tiny little thing, that just seemed to bounce down the hallways as she walked. I empathized and shared in her joy, silently envying how great she looked. She was one of those moms that ran up until her third week of her third trimester. Yup, that was not me. I was dragging and looked and felt more like a beached whale. This time in fourth grade and a whole other can of challenging students. I was drained, two teenagers, a toddler, and barely making it through the day. At the end of it, my final weigh in with Josias, 210 pounds. If there was any spark, spunk, spirit of my former self left within me, it died that day when I looked at those numbers. Charles still very loving, encouraging, and supportive. God blessed me with best husband in the world, my best friend and confidant. I knew I wasn't supposed to, but I was so depressed, I went and ate some sushi.
Jo was born on our wedding date in June 2013 and even though the cesarian was planned this time as we were leaving for the hospital, I went into labor. He was letting us know that he was ready anyway! After his birth, I was walking and ready again to try and get my body back into shape. It was summer break and I was surrounded by my family. However, I was exhausted. A feeling I have become very well acquainted with over the past three years. Josias is such a blessing and even though I wanted a daughter of my own, I don't think I could endure another pregnancy, nor could our family financially sustain another child. Charles and I had four now and our family was complete and on the operating table, I chose to close the factory and promised myself that I would get my body back. I had two beautiful and healthy boys and was very blessed in every way.
With a new baby, nursing, heading back to work, my Zumba schedule was sabotaged by exhaustion. I had no energy left for me at the end of the day to work out. So, I put it off until after Jo was weened. By December 2013 my supply was winding down and I was anxious to get started. I knew about the MaxMuscle store because Dan was at my daughter's taekwondo dojo one day and I tried some of his products and got his business card. I knew that I was going to need some help to set my plan in motion. I told my daughter about my endeavor and she just looked at me, smiling in disbelief, as if to say I will believe it when I see it, said: "Ok, Amelia. It's going to be hard." My 13 year old son as always supportive said, "You can do it!". Charles, "It's going to be difficult"
I said, "I know".
"What do you need from me? I am here to support you."
"Just my Saturday, Zumba"
"Ok" he said. I can do that.
I took some time back for myself. I took some finances too and invested in my MAX products that I believe will help me on my sojourn. Determination and will supersede exhaustion. Realistically, I may never look as I once did; child bearing just does that to a woman's body. I just want to feel good again about myself and the way I look. The embarrassment and humiliation of being so much bigger than I once was weighs on me everyday as I face the world. I weighs on my husband as I shy away from his advances. I remember I used to shake my hips like Shakira Shakira in her song "My Hips Don't Lie". Now I am afraid if I shake it in the living room, I might knock something off the dining room table! And I hate the feeling when I wave goodbye to him that my bologna arms are going to jiggle and slap me in the face! Finally conceding and buying a new size 14 wardrobe while my size two's hang to torture me, broke my heart. "Oh, Amelia" was all that I could say to myself as I cried again in the dressing rooms. And yes, every Monday I go downstairs, unlock the fire safe, and try on my wedding rings. It has been almost seven months after the birth of Josias and my rings still don't fit me.
I have a treadmill downstairs and weights and workout equipment. I have my hour of Zumba. I have my JavaRed, Lean and Cleanse, and my protein shake. I have a supportive family. I want to make my family proud. I want my body back, my energy, my self-esteem, my confidence, my spunk, my zeal and Charles wants his wife back. I want to do this. I can do this. God is with me and this test will be a great testimony.
#mymaxbod (I so hash tagged it!)
Yup, that's me.

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